Bitcoin address activity reached a two-year high

Transaction activity in the Bitcoin network continues to break records. The report of the Unfolded team using CoinMetrics‘ service data states that the number of bitcoin addresses performing transactions on a daily basis has increased to 1.19 million, the highest level since January 2018. The researchers presented a graph from which it can be seen

Bitcoin: A black hole?

Will decarbonization be the megatrend of the next ten years? FRANKFURT (Schroders) – Climate change is moving up the political and social agenda. Decarbonization could therefore become the megatrend of the next decade. Many of the companies that seem best positioned for the transition to a low-carbon future are listed on stock exchanges outside the

Goldman Sachs is expanding its crypto team

Goldman Sachs plans to fill two new positions in its Digital Assets team. New York-based financial services company Goldman Sachs is expanding its workgroup on digital assets With two international employees, the company would like to round off its crypto team, which it only restructured at the beginning of the year. Therefore it is now