Ripple (XRP) can reach $10,000 according to a billion-dollar forecast published in Forbes


American gambler Steve Wynn believes that the price of Ripple (XRP) can be as high as $10,000 on the market. According to an interview with the Forbes billionaire, the altcoin will assume an important role in the money transfer.

The „BlackJack“ player’s prediction for the crypto currency reflects a long-term investment strategy. According to Wynn, the XRP will be considered an „international currency. The famous player explains that the altcoin project may be responsible for such a valuation.

Ripple’s investor, Steve Wynn, expects the Altcoin to appreciate in the next few years, but he does not have a target price to sell. In the interview the billionaire stated that he also invests in other cryptosystems besides XRP.

However, it is the XRP that can be used as an international remittance transfer system, according to the player. Wynn predicts that a large adoption of cryptomonics will bring the price up to $10,000 on the market.

Ripple’s long-term price forecast

Ripple can work unquestionably well in the marketplace if Steve Wynn’s prediction comes true. The multi-million dollar player predicts that cryptomoney will be worth $10,000 in the coming years.

To explain the forecast, Wynn says that XRP represents an important value transfer system that can be adopted on a massive scale. This large adoption would bring the price of Ripple into the five-digit range.

„It was designed to be worth 10,000 per coin. This would mean that all retail transactions and international currency transfers use XRP“.

The billionaire’s long-term bet on the price of XRP is related to Ripple’s technology that can be used as a means of payment and value transfer.

Ripple partners with Santander for international payments

Banks like Santander already use this technology to conclude international money transfer transactions. The Ripple system can be cheaper, safer and faster than conventional means of sending money between different countries.

„XRP is designed to be an instantaneous fund transfer application. It is trying to take over all retail transactions and fast international money transfers.

Hodl from XRP for five years

Billionaire Steve Wynn has declared himself an investor in XRP in the market and is betting on a high long-term appreciation of altcoin. According to him, this crypto currency could be worth up to $10,000.

Without measuring the ideal time for Bitcoin Storm appreciation, Wynn explains that his strategy is to keep (hodl) his cryptosystems. By keeping the balance for a short period, the investor can make a significant profit from the increase in the price of the altcoin.

„At least 5 years, when I bought the coins, I did it for the long term. As (the price) increases, I make a profit at certain times, but I don’t have a target price to sell everything.“

Considering the current price of the XRP market on Tuesday (14) at $0.199056, the $10,000 forecast published in Forbes would represent a cumulative appreciation of over 5,000,000% for altcoin.