Goldman Sachs is expanding its crypto team

Goldman Sachs plans to fill two new positions in its Digital Assets team.

New York-based financial services company Goldman Sachs is expanding its workgroup on digital assets

With two international employees, the company would like to round off its crypto team, which it only restructured at the beginning of the year. Therefore it is now looking for a vice presidentfor the team in London. The other position is for a research and development software engineer in Singapore.

At the moment there are about ten people on the team. Matthew McDermatt has been the team manager since August. His biggest dream is that in the foreseeable future, all financial transactions will be carried out using blockchain technology. Goldman Sachs is considering whether to develop a crypto token itself. The target is likely to be a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

Goldman Sachs on the way to a new crypto token

Both analysts and investors at von the investment banking giant are not convinced of Bitcoin (BTC). One big reason is that the BitQT price is too volatile; They strongly doubt whether the cryptocurrency is inflation-proof. In addition, they do not see that there is neither diversification in the crypto-coin nor that the flow of money, i.e. liquidity, is high enough.