Make money in cryptocurrencies with the power of your PC? A review of GamerHash

A quick rhetorical question: what does your PC gamer upscale its computing power when you do not play video games? When you’re on Facebook, writing e-corn, or watching Netflix, for example. The answer, of course, is this: It only uses a tiny fraction of maximum capacity when it isn’t doing any heavy-duty tasks like graphics-demanding video games.

Wouldn’t it be interesting then to be able to “ rent ” this unused computing power to earn money when your computer uses little of its CPU and GPU?

The GamerHash team claims they can help you with this. Truth be told, as long as you enjoy playing video games, they promise to help you earn passive income even if you don’t have a high-end PC. We will come back to this later.

First, we’ll take a look at what Bitcoin Future really is and, more importantly, if it really is a convenient way for you to generate passive income in cryptocurrency.

GamerHash? What is that ?

GamerHash is a Polish blockchain company founded in 2017. The company claims to have created an innovative, blockchain-powered application that allows you to monetize your PC’s computing power. Kind of like a self-funded supercomputer, they add.

Under the hood, GamerHash bears some resemblance to multi-currency mining pool systems. However, as a platform it seems a bit bigger than any regular mining pool. In addition, the ecosystem has greater potential due to its design.

The principle is simple. GamerHash offers an eponymous application that evaluates your computer’s capabilities at any given time, then automatically determines how best to earn the passive income that has been promised to you by using your PC’s unused resources to mine cryptocurrency.

Gamers then receive daily income in BTC on the platform’s wallet .

You can spend your GamerHash winnings in much the way you want. For example, you can place your earned bitcoins as an investment. You can also use them to buy games from GamerHash’s online store, pay for groceries, purchase a Netflix or Spotify subscription, etc. There are over 600 digital products on the platform store.

Who is GamerHash for?

Anyone with a laptop or desktop (Windows 7 and later) and an internet connection can download and use the GamerHash app. That said, you can earn sizable passive income even without a high-end computer. In this case, rather than renting computing power, you will earn your money by performing tasks within the games. This is the “ Play & Earn ” module .

From appearances, GamerHash has done a remarkable job with an app that is easy to use for almost everyone, including inexperienced users.